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The paper pulp moulding machine using waste paper as raw material, the vacuum forming molds suck the pulp, and forming into pulp moulding products, and then after drying process, can get the final products.
The paper pulp moulding machine now is widely famous in Middle east countries, South American countries and Africa countries, it is easy operation, and environmental protection, so this project is very good for new investors.
Usually the paper pulp moulding machine can make different kinds of pulp moulding products by replacing different molds, so it can meet the needs of market very easy.
Our paper pulp moulding machine systems are made in modules. They can be easily connected together to ease installation (and also easily expanded, due to the module layout we use).
A. Pulping system
1) Hydrapulper: Breaking the waste paper by stirring knife, and then the initial mixing of waste paper and water, obtain the original pulp; Stainless steel sieve plate and impeller knife; Vertical type, 24 hours uninterrupted for supplying pulp.
2) Paper feeder: Supply waste paper to the hydrapulper automatically; Material: Fireproof and Skid-proof rubber; Gear motor control.
3) Pulp vibrating screen: Preliminary screening the pulp through the frequency vibration, filter out impurities from pulp;
4) Pulp pool agitator: Mixing the pulp in the pulp pool or tank, and keep the concentration of the pulp steady; The mixing arms are controlled by gear motor.
5) Sewage pump: QW model submersible sewage pump; Two of them are used for transferring the pulp from pulp pools to forming machine, another one is used for supply water to hydrapulper and pulp pools; The rest one is used for transfer original pulp to pulp supply pools.
6) Pulp refiner: ZLC model multiple performance high efficiency milling pulp desanding machine; Function: Break pulp fiber and remove impurities furtherly.
B. Forming system
1) Automatic forming machine
• Production capacity for 30 packed egg tray: 2000-6000pcs per hour.
• Motor controlled by frequency converter.
• Rotary type design, which can increase the dehydration effect, using CNC production technology, increasing forming accuracy effectively.
• Each mold plate contains several pcs of egg tray mold, separated fixed, easier to maintain.
• Products can be outputted and delivered into the dryer automatically.
• Electronic eyes monitor the entire process and centrally manage the production.
• The transfer mold plates are using double driving arms design, which can increase forming speed and accuracy.
• Pneumatic ball valve control the pulp suction process, which can keep the weight of egg trays constant
• Brake and driven by PRECISE INDEXING DRIVES, making the machine more stable.
• With auto mold washing and edge washing system.
• All the parts connected with water are made of 304# stainless steel.
2) Mold
• CNC production engineering, aluminum alloy
• Stainless steel mold nets
3) Air compressor unit
• Used for supplying air pressure for transfer mold plate and palletizing machine;
• Including one pressure tank.
4) High pressure washing unit
• Used for mold washing and edge washing;
• Pump Material: stainless steel;
• Include vertical centrifugal pump, control valves, vacuum tank, high pressure nozzle and other parts.
5) Moisture separation system
• Control the vacuum air / water separation and water drain/recycle automatically
• Include self-priming pump, control valves, vacuum container, and other parts.
6) Vacuum pump
• 2BEA model water-ring vacuum pump
• Manufacturing vacuum state in forming molds, in order to suck pulp and form egg trays
7) Recycle pump
• ISW model horizontal centrifugal pump
• Used for recycling the extra pulp
C. Drying system
1) Drying line
• Multi-layer design: 6 layers
• Thickness of insulation board: 120mm
• This size can be changed according to customer's workshop.
• Heating method: center heating by gas or diesel etc.
• Recycle Blower: medium-press fan with motor
• Wet air emission blower: medium-press fan with motor
• Working temperature:180~220℃
• Conveyor speed: Synchronized with forming process
2) Burner
• With furnace and automatic burner;
• RIELLO brand, progressive two-stage operation
• Fuel choice: 0# Diesel, Natural gas, LNG, LPG etc.
D. Collection system
1) Palletizing machine
• Stacking the egg tray automatically;
• Include auto counter system;
• PLC program and cylinder control;
• Automatic control, which can save labor costs effectively.
2) Pneumatic compaction machine
• For compressing the egg tray, in order to save transportation space
• Cylinder and foot switch control
E. Electrical control system
1) Electric cabinet
• Totally three electric cabinets, separately control pulping system, forming system, and drying & collection system;
• Including frequency converter, temperature controller, control button, contactor and relay etc. electrical components.
2) Operation unit
• Including one operation box which fixed in forming machine chassis, control the whole system by knobs and buttons
• Including air switch control button, contactor and relay etc. electrical components.
• If customer have customized requirement, this operation box can also use PLC program and touch screen technology.Pulp Molding Machine manufacturers